19. Sassy Bat

Saturday, May 30, 2009

[Struggled with this one for no reason. Man. Feelin' funkay today. Oh well. Hopefully it'll pass by morning. At least this one's not super super super SUPER late. I've been trying to work so I can post the the AWESOME arts you guys have given me so far on this blog to share, because man. They still make me super gleeful. Hopefully that'll be up soon! Love!]


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Hahaha. The thought of a bat/vampire saying, "Aw, Hell," is pretty funny. I think it's because it looks sort of floofy even though I know it's Blood Sucking Demon. D: Also, I don't think Hanna ever stops grinning. :D

A magical monster-finding hammer, hahaha awesome

What accent does the bat have? I thought only Brits and Australians said it!

I'm liking that bat already ;)

Grah more :3
It's a pretty good comic so far ;o <3

i'll post a comment, a critic maybe, but it's with my best intentions...
(my english sucks)
Your drawings are great, and your composition of the whole thing too...
But i think it's too much comics and not much story, i mean, you have a lot of pages but nothing much happens...
maybe its just me, maybe not
but well that's that

Conrad's way of handling this sort of stuff is admirable.
Though I have a theory that the bat might not be so sassy, it's Con's rad aura that makes people want go sassy on his ass.

Sassy bat indeed. I like the lighting in these last two.

Hehe! Conrad's such a crack up! No wonder the bat had a go at 'im.


i will settle for either t-shirt or plushie form.

Oh my god this bat.


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