16. He Didn't Stand a Chance

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[So Hanna is totally not giving Conrad the benefit of the doubt that it was some serious messed up bat attacking him. After all, Conrad looks kind of wussy, right? Right? Not that Hanna looks any more threatening...]


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-Ophiguris from dA :D!-

Wow, I followed the link -durr =P- from '14', and found -and just read- all of them D:"

Absolutely love this series OuO
*book marking*

keep up the awesome work D:

I want Hanna's bat as a pillow.

Oh Zombie guy, you're such a pessimist. It could STILL be a kitten! ;-)

The second bat looks like my pet rabbit. I might go tape some wings on him and take a photo.

you're brilliant ya know that? D:

i want hanna's envisionment of the bat as a pet. or on a shirt. IT IS SO STUPID AND FAT LOOKING. make it happen!

I'm with Mad and Yvie: I want a toy of Hanna's bat! Look at his little teefs and tail!

Hanna's face in that panel is genius! He's (thinks he is) so smart.

That bat might just be the cutest thing ever.

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