17. Sweetest Thing A Man Has Said To Me

Thursday, May 28, 2009

[Really tired for some reason, so this one is kinda badly colored, many apologies. I promise there will be a background in the next strip. I PROMISE. I guess Hanna rarely stops grinning like a damn jack-o-lantern. It happens, but he sure shows his teeth a lot. MAN, why am I so TIRED? It's not even MIDNIGHT. I guess all the nights staying up till 4-6AM is really catching up with me.

Also, check out the new lightbox thing for the strips! Eh eh??? Like it, like it???]


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I'm really digging the light box view.
And Baww, Hanna. I really like his scheming face in panel 4.

Oh Hanna, you're growing up so fast.

I LOVE THESE SO BAD. I really like the freestyle layout you've got going on, its a nice alterative to the usual fixed panel format... kind of like manga and newspaper strips mutant baby, in a good way!

yep, the lightbox-thing is cool! ^__^

I never ever want Hanna to stop showing his teeth, they're awesome.

I mean LOOK at that face in the top right panel. ahaha

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