12. I promise.

Friday, May 22, 2009

[ So this amazing thing happened to me last night, and one day I will feel right talking about it, but wow it has put me in a good mood, despite killing my ability to sleep! So you get a strip earlier than almost midnight! And you're welcome -- for any trauma Mrs. Blaney may cause.

Also, a friend pointed out that Conrad is not nearly manly enough to be wearing an iron cross. This is pretty much 100% true. Sorry Conrad.]


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Mrs. Blaney is terrifying in general, female or not. :U

He looks like he's going super nova ahaha

Trauma-inducing or not, this is absolutely awesome. Its so good to see your comics again, with your amazing art and quirky sense of humor.

This is so epic and AWESOME at the same time!
I really love your style, your drawing captivate the eye and is so unique that it makes this comic so wonderful to read!

...Please update~


;///A///; mommyyy.

NEEDS MORE MRS. BLANEY 'cause she is my personal hero.

<3 Rachel

Everyone else has said enough on this one already.

But it's still wicked cool.

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