14. Ten Years of Decomposing

Monday, May 25, 2009

[And the second strip for the day! I'm almost caught up! Haha! I almost forgot Conrad's injuries, again. I just get ahead of myself....tch.]


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I love this! "I think I'm fairly fresh." Great line! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

I love that Conrad has "glasses eyes" and Hanna has glasses on. What a fun contrast, haha

He does look pretty good for 10 years of decomposing. I mean look at his hair! looks pretty healthy and full

You're brilliant. I love how bring and colorful these are. Lol

Just noticed that "whateverhisnameis" has the most bad-ass sideburns I've ever seen in a comic. Love the way you've drawn his hair as well. Nifty shit.

Looking forward to the next ep. This is seriously one of the best comics around at the moment. And you are a queen for doing it.

this is awesome! tho im finding it a lil weird how hott i think the dead guy is XD XD

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