13. Calm The Hell Down

Monday, May 25, 2009

[ I am playing catch up! I'm so sorry for being lame and MISSING TWO DAYS IN A ROW. So now I will see if I can make up for it today by getting more than just one done!! If only because wow, that was a total fallout in discipline. Also, thank yous for the fanarts I've been getting lately, I totally adore them 220%not more!! PS: EDIT!!! Conrad magically healed somehow in the earlier version, so WHOOPS.]


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Totally avesome :F I especially like backgrounds and skin shading (and Hann is getting excited again. Poor vampires.)

Absotivelyposolutely love the last picture. Hanna's face is the balls. He's such a geek.

This is sooo amazing! I'm excited to read this everyday XD

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