I'm Not Dead I Swear

Sunday, July 12, 2009

YEAH. So I'm NOT dead, sorry about that. I've been juggling a lot trying to figure out exactly how to approach my DREAM and DESIRES, so Hanna has been unjustly ignored. But not all the way! Still making strips and writing for it and my sis made me a wordpress page for it that I"m going to launch soon so that Hanna will be EVEN EASIER TO READ. Sweet, huh?

Just trying to figure out the kinks.

I'm so sorry that I am super not diligent. The whole point of this project was to try to make myself diligent and its obviously not working but I still consider it that so I'm cracking that mental whip! Take care guys.

I'm trying to seriously make a backlog so that I don't burn myself out. I shoulda done that before I was all HAY GUYS I'M GONNA UPDATE EVERY DAY but hindsight's twenty twenty and all that, right? <3

Love you and peace out!
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