15. Kittens Can Be Ornery

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

[ Why did this strip take me so long? OH I KNOW. I kept getting distracted. IT TOOK ME WAY TOO LONG cos I wasn't concentrating, and its not even that great. Ah well. Enjoy anyways! ]


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Hanna's face continuously makes me happy throughout this page.

Conrad is concentrating really really hard in that one panel. All I hear in my head is "oh my god look at my hands my hands are huge."

i love those huge hands

"HE WAS IN BAT FORM!!" Genius.

Fantastic, as always.
I've seen very few(any?) who can match the energy and liveliness of your artwork.

Just finished reading this, and I have to tell you, your art and story telling are tops, but DAMN. YOUR CHARACTERS NAMES ARE EVEN BETTER.

man, these guys all have totally different personalities, but they already fit nicely together.

i love how hanna is always happy, though. always excited. haha

Are you sure it wasn't a kitten....BWA!

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