25. Color Me Surprised

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[And 25! Tessa's finally not sucking now, but talking in the third person. Take what you can get.

In unrelated news, I really wish I had : http://shanalogic.com/item.php?item_id=2479 because it is amazing.]]


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FUUUUUU! Shes pretty. <3

Color me all different shades of purple, Mr. Cross.

woooah! totally didn't see that coming!! excellent full page panel too!! ^_^

Oooo, look at her. I still think she's up to no good.....

Love the transformation from the bat. Real keen!
That's right I'm bringing back 'Keen'! You can help if you want!

This certainly *is* keen! (I'm, at heart, the helpful sort.)

"Surprised" must be a pinkish sort of color.
Not that I mind.

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