Friday, June 19, 2009

[I am moving! Changing apartments! I have three days to get the hell out of this one and make it presentable again and then get everything sorted in the new one. I also won't have internet in the new apartment for a few days. I really suck at this planning to get Hanna going "fullblast". Hopefully once I've moved there won't be any more hiccups in my plans, and a new website will come along with it. Also, hopefully I will be a lot less *lame*. But we'll see. We'll see.

It sucks. I want to work on Hanna. AND I WILL. And you will see it. Soon. Thanks for stickin' round!]


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Its cool! Life happens, so does shit. But I hope things get sorted soon! Hehehe, good luck on the move and don't forget the epic power of ductape!

Hey Tess! Take it easy when you're moving!
No need to stress out. Stressing out is (say it with me) laaame!


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