[...is late because I blow]

Sunday, June 7, 2009

[Just a placeholder and a confession that I am going to bed and finishing the strip when I wake up. I am too damn tired and crabby. :C]

[EDIT! Here's the thing. I've fallen way behind on this and I need some time to catch up. So this is National Catch Up On Hanna's Comic Week and then it will be going full blast on Monday. That way I'll have a buffer again so if I'm not feeling good one day I don't have to sit and struggle through it. Thanks! Everyone take it easy and see you next week![


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Oh, s'ok Tessa, you're almost pushing yourself too much xD.

Atleast you're getting them done right? Be proud of the 23 you have completed, and get some rest.

We're not going to barge down your door asking for 24, or 36, or 267 in the future xD.

It must have been national crank day yesterday, because everyone I know, including me was cranky yesterday.

Hey, don't sweat it. Don't go burning yourself out or anything.

It's ok. I just happen to see the updates ANYTIME.

take it easy. no one's pressuring you...and it's not right to pressure yourself either.

if you take these strips like a job, then you'll end up being sick of it because you're "obliged" to do it instead of you doing it out of pleasure.

do it out of the mere happiness of sharing it to us, without having the fear of people expecting so much of you. because...we'll still believe in your capabilities as an artist no matter what. you're doing great. you really are. :3

dont risk the enjoyment for deadlines...you're not even paying this site or anything right? D: because if you do...eventually this site will come to a halt coz you're tired of it.

haha i hope you relax a bit. it's actually when relaxing that you get most ideas. haha good luck!

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