24. And She Had Him

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[AND IT IS FINALLY HERE. TWENTY-FRICKIN-FOUR. Jeez. It feels so good to have these going again, you have no idea. Also, I realize HOW PINK THIS IS. I'm sorry to any of my male readers, you have been assaulted.

You're welcome.]


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It's good to see these come back, but I think you shouldn't stress yourself out because of this. Keep it going on your own pace, because we all love these so much!

That bat is so pudgy and adorable oh my goddd

it reminds me of my pugs :I

We love you~! Yeah don't stress too much. But know this. All your fans are leaning in their seat every day clicking your side in giddy anticipation for the next installment, the next page. X3 Gods your style is so cool. YOU'RE NOT RICH YET WHY?


The facial expressions in this (including the bat) are all too damn awesome. :3

What's the problem? Tough guys wear pink, you know...

Pink works, hot or not.

That bat *KILLS* me. She's up to no good and I like it!

Congrats on #24, looking forward to #25.

This comic made me totally homosexual.

PINK! Ahaha it works, though. Totally. *thumbsup* So glad to see this on a roll. <3

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