22. Everybody Wins

Saturday, June 6, 2009

[THIS IS SO LATE. But I stayed up till 4:30AM finishing it so we'll pretend I'm not totally sucky! I'm just glad I'm off tomorrow, got a lot of catching up to do. I'm actually planning on moving the comic to an actual website instead of a dinky blog so that it will be more convenient to read, and all in all much more pleasant to look at. SO LOOK FORWARD TO IT. Peace.]


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Obligatory IT'S A TRAP!! comment

I will then look forward to a site :D
also consider in the future making a t-shirt with the bat on it that says "sassy bat"

...cause I would totally buy that even though I am mostly poor.

Hanna has a nice body >.>

Its actually awfully convenient to read here for me..I can follow it, everything is all in one place...I never forget it exists. ;D

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