Monday, August 10, 2009

I posted a new Hanna comic for your enjoyment!

Are you shocked?? Hell, I am too!

Anyways, unfortunately I found quickly that reading it in a blog was becoming a pain so I went ahead and put it on a comicpress site so that you can browse through it more logically. However, it is not pretty but that's okay. You forgive me, right?

It is now at :

RESET YOUR BOOKMARKS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, because the time for nonstop fun and action is NOW.

Expect new things to come like CAST pages, and WALLPAPERS and slowly a site that looks prettier as well as more functional!! Hell, maybe if I manage to not be totally lame I will make a STORE so that you can show how much you love Hanna with your george washingtons!!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Have a great day. <3


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Hi! This is red_carnation from deviantart (I was the one asking if Hanna was published ^^) Just wanted to let you know, I noticed you had a blog, so I figured I'd follow you :) I'm looking forward to buying a copy of Hanna from you!! :D (btw- are you sure you're not Gerard Way in disguise? Hanna vaguely reminds me of his Umbrella Academy comic, just with a better storyline xD) lol jk jk.
Anyway! I'm looking really forward to seeing Fin and Cas in the comic ~they're so adorable ;) Actually - all the characters are adorable; I'm intrigued - what was your inspiration for them? Have you always had them with you? :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Ok so... Where is the comic at now?

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